Thursday, 31 May 2012

Organic Remedy for Blackspot & Mildew on Roses

It’s that time of year when roses start to show signs of blackspot – a fungal disease which starts with black spots on the leaves, which start to turn yellow and then drop off …

You could try an organic solution using milk !  Mix one part milk to two parts water and spray weekly, making sure you spray both top and bottom parts of the leaves.  Any leaves that fall should be removed to prevent the spores reinfecting the plant.

Apparently it works on mildew as well.

Read the original article on the blog by Kevin Lee Jacobs – A Garden for the House
also an earlier post by Saskia on improving soil conditions for growing roses

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  1. Merci pour le reportage, je regrette vraiment de ne pas avoir été là.... passe un bel été.



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