Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to plant irises, how to divide irises

In addition to Sue's article on irises, the following are a few tips of how to plant and how to divide bearded irises.

How to plant bearded irises:

Every 3 to 5 years they need to be lifted as they get overcrowded, divided and replanted:

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Now is the time to order and plant your irises

Iris "Gallant"

Useful tips from Sue regarding Irises:

Receiving the Cayeux iris catalogue (France's answer to Kelways of Somerset) this week jogged my memory that it is iris planting time. Their website is  and the other iris grower I know of is Iris de Provence, Hyeres, who also issue a catalogue their website is

There are several points to take into account when making your choice: colours (plain, bi-coloured, tri-coloured), height, flowering time, repeat flowering, cost, availability.

In a garden exposed to the fierce Mistral wind and heavy rain it makes sense to give the very tall stately species a miss; when choosing colours, remember that subtle, pale colours will appear white from a distance so choose strong colours for areas away from the terrace (plant the pale iris in pots to keep on the terrace); if going for grouped colours of, say, a solid colour, a bi-colour and a tonal colour make sure you choose iris that flower at the same time or the colour blend does not happen (oh, yes, I have made that mistake!).

Cost - check between the websites in case you can find the same variety cheaper elsewhere but remember to factor in the delivery costs if using two suppliers.   And note that as new varieties are introduced so others are dropped so, if you want to increase a particular favourite ahead of the rhizomes becoming large enough to divide, make sure you re-order soon in case it is discontinued.   If all else fails, try the internet ( because the delivery costs will be higher if despatched from outside France).

Finally, the name – at least half the names are in English so easier for the English-speakers to play the sentimental game and choose an iris to remember the Rock 'n Roll years (Blue Suede Shoes, Honky Tonk Blues), an occasion (Bride’s Blush, Jazz Festival), a holiday (Miami Beach, Naples), for a girlfriend who loves shopping (Shopper’s Special) and even a rugby match (Canadian Streaker!).
Iris "Blue Suede Shoes"

The iris flowering season runs from March/April to end May (Cayeux say from April to June but the Var's seasons start earlier than the north of France) spread between the early, mid-season and late flowering species;  I have personally not succeeded with repeat flowering irises in the Var and wonder if the Mediterranean climate is too hot for these irises?   Irises can be ordered earlier but delivery will only be between July and October. 


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