Monday, 12 April 2021


I have just tested an idea that popped into my head as I was running through my list of long-delayed jobs for the garden.   My first attempt at shredding leaves for the leaf mould bin (to speed up the process) was to lay the leaves on a bare flat surface and run the lawnmower over them – this worked but they scattered widely and had to be raked up and put back in to sacks for the journey to the leaf mould bin.   Too time-consuming!


My second attempt was using the the domestic-sized debris shredder but this took forever and again involved emptying the leaves into the shredder and then refilling sacks.   Too slow!


My third attempt has worked – I empty the sacks straight into the leaf mould bin then cut them up with the light-weight battery powered strimmer.   If starting from scratch with dry leaves and no sign of rain, then water lightly and cover with plastic with a plank of wood to hold it in place.   Remember to remove the plastic at the first sign of a good spell of rain and cover again, mix the damp leaves with the dry ones when the rain stops – this will speed up the rotting down process.


The level drops as the leaves rot down.   When you add more leaves and chop them with the strimmer, if they are dry mix them with the lower layer to dampen them and replace the plastic.


Thursday, 8 October 2020