Sunday, 18 March 2018

At our garden group meeting of 2 March, Marilyn King had some interesting advice on Blueberries and Camelias, both lovers of acid soil.  

The following is what she wrote:


·       Plant in ericaceous compost in a shady position.  Can be put in a pot measuring 30-38 cm (12-15”) sunk into the soil.

·       Feed in March with a mixture of the following:

§  Sulphate of ammonia - 35g per square metre (1oz per square yard}
§  Sulphate of Potash      - 35g per square metre (1oz per square yard)
§  Bone Meal                        - 105g per square metre (3oz per square yard}

Mix together, remove some of the old compost and feed, replace compost with new and finish off with a mulch of pine bark or other acid mulch.

Water, if possible with rainwater.

Trim back some of the old wood to allow new growth.


·       Plant in ericaceous compost.  Mulch with pine bark.

·       Sight facing a south-western to northern aspect.

·       Position away from early morning sun and drying winds

·       Feed as per Blueberries but in late spring, after flowering and after their dormant period.

·       Once buds appear do not turn the pot round as this can cause them to lose the buds.

·       Water with rainwater if possible.   No pruning necessary.

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