Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to make your own fertiliser from sheep manure

At our last garden group meeting we discussed various ways of making our own fertiliser.  I mentioned making it from nettles, comfrey and horsetail.  Details on how to make this fertiliser can be found on our Seasonal Foraging blog

Mary Moore mentioned at the same meeting that her husband makes liquid fertiliser from bags of sheep manure and used washing machine water (grey water).   He mentioned that there is nothing scientific about the quantities.  When the water in the black storage bins starts to look clear, he dumps another litre of so of the fumier into it.  That is usually good for four or five washes or so - about 250 litres.

It is only used for plants in the ground and mainly for hedges in places where he wants to encourage growth.  It is not suitable for plant pots, mainly because of a build up of the soap ingredients which are present in the grey water.

The following steps are how this is done:

  • Here you can see the pipe from the washing machine going into the bin in the garage.  The pump in the bin transfers the water to the outside bins via the yellow hose:-

  • The outside bins (with fumier de moutons) being filled via the hose:-

  • To take the water to the garden old plastic containers are used.  Here they are being filled via a funnel:-

  • Ready to go with six containers on a trolley (diable), built by Mary's husband:-

  • Fumier de moutons, 50 litres, 28 Kg, 5.50 € (approx.) from Cooperative in Lorgues:-

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