Saturday, 25 May 2013

Olive Fly

Jean Yves Meignan wrote in a recent article in the French garden magazine "Rustica" that one way of combatting the olive fly is to plant Dittrichia viscosa in the olive grove.  Apparently the dried-up flowers of the Dittrichia viscosa are the hiding place of a predator of the olive fly.  It used to be a common wild plant found everywhere, but because of the use of pesticides it has become much rarer.  Instead of spraying your olive trees, plant plenty of Dittrichia viscosa.   The leaves are quite easy to recognise and in addition when rubbed have an unpleasant smell.  It will need another few months before it flowers.  Look out for it, you'll find it on the road sides and on patches of uncultivated land.  Definitely worth a try!

Bibliography:  Rustica week 17-23 May

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