Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pesticide Action Week 20-30 March 2012

7th International Pesticide Action Week – Semaine Sans Pesticides

This event aims to :
  • raise awareness on the health and environment risks of synthetic pesticides
  • highlight alternative solutions
  • build a global grassroots movement for a pesticide-free world

In 2011, the Pesticide Action Week represented nearly a thousand grassroots events across France and 16 countries : conferences, film shows, theatre shows, outings, open doors, exhibitions, workshops,  information booths, farmer markets, organic meals … and hundreds of media hits !

These events are led by hundreds of citizens, associations, farmers, companies, teachers, local governments …

Add your voice to this expanding international movement : get involved !

Help us to build an international event that gathers together thousands of grassroots events with the same message:  it’s time to get rid of pesticides! The more countries that take part in the event, the stronger the message will be. It is when we come together that we truly feel the strength and power of this movement.

No need to have lots of money, lots of logistics or a seasoned experience, every single action is important and amplifies the movement. Every single person, association, company, local government, teacher etc. can participate at their own scale. Actions can range from 10 persons visiting an organic garden to a 500 persons attending an international congress !

Be inspired to hold your own creative action and plan an event for 20–30 March  2012 !

»» You can register an event here ««

A local association, which is attached to the Mouvement pour la Terre & l’Humanisme founded by Pierre Rabhi, organises similar events in the Draguignan area :

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