Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Compost, Manure versus Organic Fertiliser.

The difference between organic fertiliser and our traditional compost and manure, is that organic fertiliser is much richer in nutritive elements. In addition its nutritive properties have an almost instant effect on the plants. Compost takes two to three years to be absorbed into the soil whilst organic fertiliser takes between a few weeks to a couple of months. Although organic fertiliser, compost or manure work differently, they are complimentary.

The use of compost and manure improves the structure of the humus level in the soil. It is best to think of them as soil improvers rather than fertilisers.

Organic fertiliser does not improve the soil, it is only concerned with the health of the plants. The particles are absorbed through bacteria in the soil. These bacteria decompose the particles in the fertiliser and return them to the roots of the plant in a form that is easily absorbed. Organic fertiliser supplies all the necessary trace elements the plant needs. This is one of the differences between organic and non-organic fertiliser. Non-organic fertiliser is a mixture of NPK, N= nitrogen, P= Phosphorus and K= Potassium.

Bibliograhy: Rustica

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