Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Wreath

Our monthly get together for the gardening group was a bit different in November. Instead of meeting together to discuss garden subjects, it was decided we would do something different. It had to be something seasonal and incorporate plant matter.

It was decided we make a Christmas Wreath. Gerda was so kind to let us use her home for the demonstration as you can imagine there was quite a lot of mess to clean afterwards.

I don't think any one of us realised how much work goes into making the actually wreath. It took us 3 hours to cover the frame of the wreath with branches of Nordic pine (the variety that does not loose its needles). As Christmas was still 4 weeks away, suggestions were made how the frame could be decorated. The final decoration of the wreath was left to the individual.

It was surprisingly hard work but enjoyable all the same.
The bare frame we started with.

Selecting the branches

Christiane, our teacher, showing us where to begin.

Busy at work.

Everyone ended up with a very nice large wreath. The final touch was a light dusting of snow spray.

How to tie the ribbon

Photo's by Gerda Nagtegaal

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