Thursday, 4 February 2010

January Meeting

Thirteen of us met at Julia’s house for a ‘pot luck’ lunch followed by our monthly meeting.

The agenda for the meeting was to discuss buying seeds and possibly sharing the cost of postage and whether we should have a blog ! We discussed what we might grow and Saskia showed how she starts certain seeds off in up-cycled plastic supermarket packaging containers. It was suggested that we should all try to grow some vegetables in pots for fun (and food) such as purple carrots, golden beetroot, the usual herbs you buy at supermarkets and ‘cut & come again’ salad leaves sown into wooden vegetable trays, lined with old compost bags. The compost should be watered before sowing and then more compost sifted over to the same depth as the size of the seeds.

Marie-France has a large area of ground near her house that, after building works, has been used as a parking area. In the Summer it becomes a dustbowl and blows through the house and into the pool. She wants to plant a Prairie with wildflowers, but has to prepare the ground first and it was suggested that we might have another pot luck lunch at her place and help scarify the ground ready for seeding. A further post will be made about planting for wildlife etc at a later date.

Sue brought copies of catalogues for seeds, plants & roses : Graines Bauxmaux, Schryve Jardin & Meilland Richardier (see the links to the websites on the right – just click on them) which she recommended.

There then followed a rather ‘animated’ discussion about the merits of sharing our information on a blog – but the outcome is this post and no doubt some tweaking in the weeks to come.

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