Summer 2013 will be remembered as the summer of mosquitoes.   Even in January we remembered how we were plagued by clouds of mozzies and how anti-mosquito coils and sprays headed our shopping lists.   Now my neighbour has told me about a miracle solution which can be sprayed around the outside or inside of the house, swimming pool, terrace sitting areas and combats not only mosquitos but also wasps, hornets, flies, cockroaches, ants and dust mites.   ETO X 20/20 CE is a concentrate which is diluted in water, is sold in 100ml or 500ml bottles and is effective within two hours and long lasting (one week). 

Visit the website and read the technical info

Draguignan :   Racine Sap Draguignan - Zac Saint Hermitaire    Te l:  04 94 72 64 28
Le Luc :            Bergon SNE – Route de Toulon                            Tel:  04 98 10 40 00
Vidauban :       Brico Vidauban – Avenue du maréchal Foch -     Tel:  04 94 47 40 35

I’ve just got a new wheelbarrow (brought over from the UK by a friend).  It’s lightweight – for us ladies to use – but has a huge 80 litre pan, durable, with a puncture-proof tyre (which should make our significant other happy !) and best of all, it’s FUNKY !

The decorations (colour of the barrow / wheel, handles & bumper bar in brackets) are : Crazy Daisy (pink), Dazzling Daffodil (green / yellow), Sweet Pea (green / pink), Roxy Retro & Horsey Horsey (brown) and the fabulous Sunflower (blue)[For every Dazzling Daffodil bought, £10 is donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care]  They cost £64.99 + p&p from Funky Barrows and mine came with a piece of wood between the handles, to prevent crushing during shipping and I was able to take the wheel off (and get it back on again !) in minutes, with a n°16 spanner, to get it sideways into my car to bring home.  It’s sitting outside my side window so I can admire it whenever I glimpse it !
NB They can only deliver to English addresses.

Gardening with arthritic hands can be difficult and painful. Crocus UK have got these ‘bionic’ gloves :
“The first gloves to earn a recommendation from the Arthritis Foundation of America that are proven to increase grip, pinch and torque strength.”  Only Men’s size medium still available, but they should be fine for us Ladies !
Mens Bionic Gauntlets - Medium: Delivery by
as well as lots of other interesting things.

NB They can only deliver to English addresses at the moment.

Another company having a sale at the moment (January 2010) is Sarah Raven sale and promotions. Sarah appears frequently on Gardener’s World. She has an extensive collection of seeds for cut flowers (some suitable for our climate) and interesting vegetables.

NB Seeds (not tinned selections) can be sent to EU countries, but everything else is UK only

November is optimum time for planting & Garden St Jean has 20% discount off their fruit trees :


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